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3 Simple Weight Loss Tips That Work

How to Lose Weight Quickly

tired of trying every diet plan out there, this post is for you.

There are so many methods of weight loss.

Some are effective while others leave you deprived and hungry.

Those diets can only hinder and halt your weight loss by messing up your metabolism and triggering stress hormones.

Instead, focus on making a few lifestyle changes that promote healthy weight loss.

Those that don’t involve extreme dieting or weird tricks.

And if you hate dieting and long exercise sessions, you’d definitely appreciate these tips.

They are simple and help you lose 5, 10 pounds in a week without dieting.

I know this because it worked for me.

All my excess weight came right off me when I started implementing these weight loss methods.

How Can I Lose Weight Naturally?

How to Lose Weight Quickly
How to Lose Weight Quickly

There are so many ways to lose weight fast, and many of them are unfortunately not safe or natural. 

Let alone they are not scientifically proven. 

However, there are also plenty of ways you can lose weight naturally without having to take extreme measures. 

And certainly, you don’t need to buy expensive supplements, diet drugs or weight loss products. 

The best way to lose weight fast naturally is to focus on smaller yet effective methods that are easy to stick to. 

Whether it’s a method to help you manage portions or eat fewer calories, simple enough remedies that can become part of your lifestyle are the best. 

After all, what good would it do to lose weight only to regain all back and more shortly after? 

The key is to focus on these simple weight loss tweaks that’ll be your way of life. 

It’s the best way to lose weight quickly and keep it for good. 

Here are the 3 best ways to lose weight fast naturally. 

1. Skip Breakfast – Start Your Day With Fasting

Start Your Day With a Fast
Start Your Day With a Fast

If you want to lose weight quickly but don’t want to get on a low-carb diet, try short-term fasting. 

It’s one of the most popular weight loss fast that’s quickly becoming a trend. 

While it’s easy to classify anything buzzing as a trend and even fad, a short term fast can be a lifestyle for many looking to improve health. 

So the question is “how to fast for weight loss?”. 

It’s simpler than you think and it’s not grueling or depriving as you’d imagine. 

This method is known as intermittent fasting. The idea is to cycle between periods of eating and fasting. 

It designates a portion of your day to fast and appoints the remaining hours as an eating period. 

The best way to incorporate a fast into your everyday life is to do a morning fast. 

Morning fast means you fast in the morning. It requires that you skip breakfast and snacks and spend your early hours of the day in the fasted state. 

You begin eating and kick off your eating window with lunch. It’d be your new ‘break-fast’ as in a meal that breaks your fast. 

One example is to eat your last meal at 7 pm to conclude all your eating and digesting by 8 pm. From the point on, fast for 16 hours while you sleep and through the next morning. You break your fast with lunch at noon. 

You rotate the periods of fasting and eating every day while you are on an intermittent fasting plan. 

16:8 Weight Loss Fasting Schedule 

  • 7 am – Wake up 
  • 8 am – 1 cup of black coffee. 
  • 12 pm – Lunch – Fasting ends
  • 3 pm – Snack
  • 7 – 8 pm – Dinner – Fasting begins
  • 10 pm – Sleep 

You may add snacks between your lunch and dinner if you need to. Also, you may combine this with any diet you follow whether it’s the keto diet, low-carb diet, or low-calorie diet. 

People have been using this 16-hour fasting to lose weight, improve their health, and burn fat. 

There are a couple of reasons why intermittent fasting works. 

One is the depletion of foods by cutting off food intake for a stretch of time. Skipping one or two meals that can help your body tap into fat to fuel itself. Once your body is deprived of the primary energy source, glycogens, it begins to utilize the secondary fuel, which is the fat. 

Morning fast is an effective way to make sure you take advantage of this metabolic shift to burn fat. 

When done daily, it’s incredibly effective in losing weight and burning fat. 

Fasting also helps you cut down how many calories you consume per day. This is because you eat fewer meals a day without your breakfast and morning snack. 

It’s an effortless way to eat fewer calories without counting them. 

In addition to weight loss, studies show there are benefits to brain health and longevity (12). 

While there are many fasting methods out there, the easiest to start is the 16/8 method also known as 16-hour fast. It’s the schedule that’s listed in this section. 

With incredible ease to start, you can literally start fasting tomorrow. 

Better yet, combine this with a healthy diet that’s based on lean protein, healthy carbs like whole grains and vegetables, and fats. Nutrition plays a large part in satiety, so be sure to pick plenty of vegetables low in carb and healthy sources of fat. A balanced diet also prevents obesity and combats belly fat. 

However, if you are not limited to a balanced diet. You may continue to eat according to your dietary preferences on this fasting plan. 

Let me also add that zero-calorie drinks like unsweetened tea and black coffee will not likely to break your fast. So you are able to still have your morning cup of Joe while you fast. 

2. Start Your Day Exercise

Start Your Day With Exercise
Start Your Day With Exercise

If you are in a time crunch for your weight loss goal, you may want to know how to lose weight the fastest. 

So here is one additional thing you can do to fasten your weight loss. And that’s adding a morning workout to your routine. 

A 2016 study shows working out on an empty stomach may help you lose 20 percent more body fat (34).  

For this to work, your body has to be in a completely fasted state where glycogen is depleted. This means the workout has to be done in the morning while you are still fasting. 

The best exercises to lose weight are wildly known as running. But you don’t necessarily have to go out for a run to get the benefit of additional fat burn. 

You can do a convenient at-home anaerobic training. 

The point is to get your body expands energy, so that your body will tap into the stored fat for fuel, leading to a greater fat burn. 

To help you get the most out of your morning workout, we came up with a 20-minute full-body workout. 

It’ll elevate your heart rate, burn calories, and rev up the levels of your metabolism. 

Best of all, in just a mere 20 minutes, it’ll get all your full-body including all major muscle groups working. 

A short exercise routine like this one under 30 minutes is all you need to take advantage of this greater fat burn. 

3. Drink Water Before Each Meal

Drink Water Before Each Meal
Drink Water Before Each Meal

The last but not least, drink a glass of water before you eat. 

This is hardly a diet or even weight-loss method, but it works like a wonder. 

This is one of my best-kept healthy weight loss habits for so many reasons. 

One, getting in a habit of drinking more water is good for you. 

Many people don’t drink enough water in a day, so any way to supplement that is beneficial to your health. If you constantly struggle with constipation and digestion-related issues, proper hydration can help. 

Believe it or not, being regular alone could help you lose weight and score you a flat tummy. It’ll also help you reduce inflammation and flush out of toxins. 

Another way it’ll aid your weight loss is to increase the feeling of satiety before you eat. 

Having a glass of water can partly fill your stomach, helping you to feel full faster. This naturally reduces how many calories you consume during your mealtime. 

We tend to eat for taste, which means we eat past the point of feeling full, and that’s one reason we put on weight. Giving your body a head start with a glass of water is an easy way to prevent overeating and taking in more calories than you need. 

This is scientifically backed too. According to research, drinking a glass of water half an hour before meals aids weight loss. Over a 3 month period, they saw a 44% increase in weight loss (5).

It’s a remarkable result especially all you have to do is to drink a glass of water before you begin eating. 

Besides all these, drinking plenty of water boosts one’s metabolism. 

If you find plain water too boring, you can switch it up with other no sugar drinks like lemon water and unsweetened tea. 

Final Note

Losing weight quickly does not have to involve following a low-carb diet. 

It doesn’t even have to take any extreme measures or include a restrictive diet. 

Simple tips like the ones above are effective in helping you lose weight fast and safely. 

If you want an effortless approach to losing weight, start with these three tips. Evaluate your weight loss progress per week to make necessary adjustments to stay on track with your goal. 

Do you want a bonus tip? Keep a weight loss journal. Research shows those who keep a food journal lose double the weight of those who don’t.

As you begin to add these new weight loss habits to your daily lifestyle, you’ll first lose water weight. But if you keep up with it on a daily basis, you’ll also begin to lose your body fat. 

As you gain strength and build a faster metabolism from your workout, your body will also naturally burn more calories throughout the day, even during rest. All these will lead to a faster weight loss. 


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