best pool workout exercises for water aerobics

Are you looking for fun & effective ways to slim down this summer ?

Do you want to lean out ?

How about stronger & more defined muscles ?

Then you are going to love this Water Fitness Workout!  Because when the weather gets warm outside, I love going outside to the pool to workout in the water.  And I bet you will love it too! Now don’t let the water fool you into thinking this is going to be easy!  As you will be surprised about how you can truly slim down, lean out and get stronger with the resistance of the water.

So, if you have a pool or access to a pool, then I challenge you to try this workout.  Also, doing a different type of workout brings great challenges and changes to your body.  And if you don’t have access to a pool?  Then how about a lake?  It can definitely be done in a lake.  And remember there are so many public pools that you have probably have access too, like the YMCA and city pools.

It’s Perfect for Everyone: Truly, anyone can do these water workouts no matter age, ability, size, or injuries.  As the water creates a perfect environment for non-impact movements; yet challenges your body while creating awesome toning & strengthening.  And what a fabulous way to get a workout in while being in the water!

BONUS: With constant water resistance, you will feel all of your muscles working hard. As this pool fitness workout is focused primarily on the upper body and core; yet you will still feel your abs & lower body getting a great workout too.


DO: depending on the weight you choose (light, medium or heavy) will determine the number of sets/reps. As I suggest to strive for 3 sets of 10 reps each for beginner level, 3 sets of 15 reps each for intermediate level & 3 sets of 20 reps for advanced level.


  1. First keep your core tight the entire time and also make sure your shoulders are parallel to the water and do not lean to one side. Also, for a greater challenge, stack 2 weights together.
Elbow out, core tight.
Push weights down, then slowly raise stopping before water level.


2. Another benefit to this exercise is it will get your heart rate up + tone your body. So keep your weights below the water level to get the greatest resistance. And maintain a tight core the entire time while twisting.

Feet apart, knees slightly bent, pushing one weight forward.
Quickly rotate by pushing other weight forward.


3. So bend at the waist while keeping the weights below the water level the entire time. As you push the weights through the resistant water. BONUS: As you bring the weights together, crunch your abs for an additional core workout.

Feet shoulder width apart, bend slightly at waist, grab both weights.
Slowly bring weights together and then slowly return to starting position.


4. Now the closer you keep your feet together the greater the core workout. Because the water will move you around and require you to stabilize your core.

Stand with feet close together, knees bent and elbows out.
Push the weights slowly below water and return slowly keeping the weights in the water.


5. Furthermore, when punching, keep your elbows bent and use your oblique muscles (the muscles on either side of your abs) while pushing the weight through the water.

Stand with feet apart, bend slightly at the waist
Quickly push the weight up and twist, while bringing the other weight behind.


6. While you bring the weight forward (keeping below the water level) use your bicep muscles. Then bring the weight behind you to work the tricep muscles too. Also, go in deeper water for greater resistance, as I went in shallow water to better show my grip.

Keep feet close together and weights by your side while raising them forward.
Do not let weights rise above the water during the curl, then slowly push the weights behind you for tricep extension.


7. Now this movement is an excellent way to tone your upper body but it does requires a lot of strength. So start slowly and if you are not strong enough to lift yourself; try and use the side of the pool by placing your feet there for assistance.

Reverse grip with booty against the edge and elbows bent behind you.
Using tricep / arm strength, lift your body by straightening your arms and slowly return.


8. Another great exercise for building and toning your muscles, but it does require great strength. So if needed, use the side of the pool with your feet for assistance.

Place both hands on the ground with elbows back and lean slightly over while keeping core very tight.
Using all your upper body strength & core, push yourself up while straightening your arms.


9. For this reason,  I love using the water belt to add another dimension to my workouts. Because with the belt on, I can isolate my arms during the workout. Plus with the water gloves on, the resistance in the water is so much greater. And when I open my fingers (like a web hand) the exercises are even more difficult.

Place the belt tightly around your waist and put water gloves on. Bend knees and core tight.
Your knees should elevate to the top of the water. Keep core tight while pushing hands downward & upward in a rolling type motion.


10. Finally, use all your arm strength to push through the water with a full movement from back to front.

Keep belt & water gloves on with knees together & bent. Core must remain very tight. Scoop the water forward.
Then bring hands back as far as possible to to scoop water forwards once again.


Personal Training Clients Love Pool Workouts, You Will Too!

As with any workout, the equipment is what can take your workout to another level. So, this is why I highly recommend making them a part of this water workout. If you are needing to purchase any of these items, here is what I recommend in order of importance. First, the water weights. Second the aqua fit training gloves. And third the water belt.

And just like dumbbells, these water weights come in different strengths too.  For a beginner I recommend the light, for an intermediate, medium and for advanced, heavy. Also, the aqua fit training gloves come in different hand sizes. I use a medium size glove and I think most women probably would too.  The water belt can be adjusted for many different waist sizes just by pulling the strap tighter or loser.


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